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Mantis was designed to augment human capabilities and reduce repetitive data collection. With autonomous navigation, randomised routing and a self charging routine, Mantis provides reliable 24-7 perimeter monitoring.


Mantis will monitor, survey and patrol perimeters across rough terrain providing dynamic data capture that complements existing security systems, reducing blind spots and enabling quicker visual verification.

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Our fully integrated API allows the secure integration of analytics packages, for live stream facial recognition and object tracking, securely transmitting data directly into operations rooms to ensure your defence is smarter than any attacks.


Why mantis?


How does it work

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4min / km / Mantis

Programme Routes

Randomised Navigation

Analyse Feed

Manual / AI Driven


Meet The Team

Michael McDonald

Co-Founder, CTO

BEng Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Selby Cary

Co-Founder, CEO

MEng Mechanical Engineering